What do digital marketing agencies do?

Whereas conventional advertising agencies provide advertising opportunities digital marketing agency, digital marketing agencies offer the following services that can be used to judge the specifics of working in the digital sphere:

  • Basic digital marketing services. These include the layout and design of the site and landing page, contextual product promotion.
  • Development of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.
  • Working with online platforms. Among them: pages in social networks, forums, blogs, and specialized sites.
  • Organization of contests and promotions on online platforms.
  • Experimental Marketing: Geo-location Services, QR Codes, RFD.

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Digital Marketing: What Is It Anyway? Or examples from the Russian Federation

How is your company with internet marketing? I really hope that everything is fine digital marketing agencies malaysia . What about digital marketing? And there is why. What it is and what use to be the difference?

For me personally, a while ago there was not much of a difference between internet marketing and digital marketing. It seems like something close, similar. 

By the bones

There are a lot of those who confuse digital marketing with internet marketing, with e-commerce, or even think that this is the usual automation of business processes, just in digital form. Therefore, in order not to be ignorant, let’s figure it out.

Digital marketing (aka digital marketing, aka digital marketing) implies not so much customer acquisition via the Internet as the use of digital technologies to attract and retain customers.

Got it, right? Not a word that this will be done exclusively via the Internet. And, in principle, this is correct.

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Digital Marketing Channels

Now let’s talk about which channels you can use to promote digital marketing. Most likely, almost all of these channels are familiar to you:

But how will all this look if the channels are broken down in more detail and clearly:

  • Social networks;
  • Self-service terminals;
  • Interactive screens;
  • POS terminals;
  • Web sites;
  • Game consoles;
  • Offline shops;
  • Computers and tablets;
  • Digital television;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Smartphones;
  • Local networks;
  • Gadgets.

Digital strategy

Of course, the article would be useless without a general theory and let you go in peace. But this happens not to be how you work.

Therefore, if you have long wanted to integrate digital into your marketing and business, then you need a strategy. 

Here is a small step-by-step instruction prepared on what and how:

  • Put together the goals of your business and the goals of digital integration (that is, why start all this? Not for fun);
  • Define your target audience. The one for which you are planning to integrate your business with digital.
  • This excellent article on how to determine the target audience will help you with this;
  • Formulate your unique USP selling proposition;
  • Channels and instruments. Here it is important to evaluate what you already have and use, and find those channels that are not involved;
  • Consider content marketing. Not even that. A content marketing strategy and how you will communicate it to your target audience;
  • Prioritize tasks. Here there is no need to explain. Arrange tasks, performers, deadlines and, of course, define advertising budgets for launching such a strategy;
  • Think about how you will evaluate intermediate results (those same KPIs);

That seems to be all. But no! This is where the most important and most terrible thing arises – analysis. And as a consequence of it, adjustment. Yes, this is the whole digital business. You need to constantly analyze it, correct it, eliminate problem, non-working places and work to improve the strategy.