When you are learning any sport or martial art technique, the most important part is keeping your stance strong. Especially in Kung Fu, the stances and the foundation is considered the strongest trait of a professional. Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial arts technique, also known as Wushu and Quanfa. It is a popular martial art form that teaches people to find discipline and perfection in doing any activity. In this article for Kung Fu, you will learn how to improve your stances.

Focus on foot positioning

Imagine being pushed by somebody. What position can you reach quickly, stay comfortably, and make a quick switch back easily while trying to block that push? Your feet should be in the correct position to take the correct stance. If the feet are not in the right positions, your stance is bad. Your feet are your foundation on which you can align your power.


Align the knees

While your feet are in the right position, there can be an imbalance between your knees. It is important to know that your knees should be aligned with the toes to prevent any damage to the joints while moving. Your knee joint can get affected for the long term if you use an incorrect stance while learning.

Relax your body

When you are at a stance position, you should be connected to your ground and stay light on your feet at the same time. You should feel your body sink through your legs and be rooted in the earth. Feeling relaxed will lower the center of gravity of your body. It will become more stable and rooted. Your position to feel your center of gravity and to control can differ from others, so no position is always the only one you can try.

Get your transactions correct

Learning your stance is only the first step of your basic positioning training. You also need to work on creating a balance between maintaining the connection with the ground, relaxing, right foot positioning, and knee alignment. While doing so, you must learn to transition from one stance to another. The combination of power, alignment, connection, and fluidity is what you need to become a professional.

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Take your time

Stances and transactions are easy to learn, but difficult to master. It can take a lot of time to get your transitions correct while you switch from one stance to another. Once your stance is correct, you can start working on the speed and power of your transitions. Take your time to learn proper transitions before speeding up. Slow down even more if necessary.

Stay aware

Awareness is the key to implement the right methods to develop a strong stance. You should be aware of every muscle in your body to know your connection to the ground. Practice what you learn every day as Kung Fu requires more practicality than theory. Learn about your body and relax while focusing on your stances.