The first stroller for a baby: tips for choosing

A stroller is a necessary attribute of the first years of a child’s life baby swing and bouncer. And at first glance it may seem that there is nothing complicated in the stroller. But when you start choosing, you understand that when choosing a stroller, you need to take into account hundreds of important details. So choosing a vehicle for a child is no easier than choosing a car.

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Types of strollers 

Strollers for the little ones, i.e. strollers for newborns are classic cradle strollers. Moreover 2 in 1 bouncer and swing, it is very convenient when the cradle can be detached from the wheels without any problems.

How to choose the right size stroller

You need to pay attention to the height, width, length, distance between the wheels. In order to choose the right stroller, you must take into account its maximum and minimum size (if the stroller folds or, for example, the position of its handle is adjusted). And when purchasing a stroller, think about where and how you can store it, whether it is possible to bring it into the elevator, walk through the stairwells with the stroller, transport it in a car, in public transport, and so on. The stroller must be at the same time narrow enough to fit in an elevator and wide enough to be comfortable even for a newborn in overalls.

If the stroller transforms in any way (unfolds, unfastens the cradle), be sure to check how easy it is to carry out this procedure alone. Try to predict all possible situations in which the stroller will accompany you and your child, and find out what size stroller will be most comfortable in everyday life.

An important detail is the weight of the stroller. There are models that not every mother can even just tear off the ground, not to mention lift them up to the floor above the first in the event of an elevator breakdown.

However, you should not go to the other extreme and choose a stroller with many plastic elements due to the lightness of this design. Firstly, plastic is much less reliable than metal, and often becomes especially fragile in the cold. Secondly, a stroller that is too light is less stable, and therefore less safe.

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Stroller handle

An important detail that is often overlooked when buying is that the ease of use of the stroller directly depends on the ratio of the height of the position of its handle and the height of the person who rolls the stroller. Too low or too high, it will be uncomfortable and you will tire quickly. The handle option with adjustable height and angle can be convenient. Strollers equipped with such a handle will be especially appreciated by couples with a large difference in height between parents.

By the way, about the handle: it’s great if it is a cross-over, that is, it will allow you to change its position relative to the child. The kid can look at you, or forward to the street. At the time of choosing the first stroller, this bonus may seem unnecessary, however, children grow up very quickly, and literally in six months you will appreciate the convenience of a swing handle. A grown-up baby will no longer be interested in just sleeping in a stroller, he will wish to survey the surroundings. The reverse position will come in handy in case of bad weather or if the baby has fallen asleep and nothing should wake him up.¬†

Choosing a color

You should choose a stroller in soothing shades close to pastel. A snow-white stroller often attracts the attention of mothers, but you should think about it before buying. Light reflected from a bright white surface can dazzle your baby. There is also an opinion that strollers of bright colors provoke excitement of the nervous system, which makes babies sleep poorly and are often naughty.